Das Elexier
We are happy to finally provide the first episode of our project Pantalon Gonzalez ™ as free download for you.

The first episode is a fully private development to demonstrate the appearance and concept of Pantalon Gonzalez and introduce it to the potential audience.
Main idea and story were developed by Volker Weber, whereas Mr. Emmanuelle Gonzalez Arredondo is responsible for the graphical appearance.

The story is addressed to children between 5 – 11 years (and their parents) and is published in English, Spanish and German language together.
It was written as viable alternative to the majority of todays TV shows, movies etc. for children and follows and educational approach to help children to learn languages
and about core values as friendship, honesty, tolerance, respect and so forth. In addition basic technical principles of physics, chemistry and engineering
are planned to be included as part of the stories as basic means for problem solving instead of simple violence.
If you like our project, please feel free to share the DOWNLOAD LINK with your family and friends.

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Thank you and have fun while enjoying Pantalon Gonzalez!